I’ve sort of missed the first day, as over here it’s already the 2nd of April. However, America still lives in yesterday so I will too.

Picture carries a link for the page where you can find all the information you need (granted you are interested). But here is the first challenge;

“…write a poem that has the same first line as another poem.”

No more talking(writing); here comes the first poem. First line taken from Ellen Hopkins’ Crank.

Growing Up

Life was good before I met the monster.
I was sleeping all by myself.
In my own room.
In my own bed.

The monster chased me back to my parents.
Tightly snuggled between them under the blankets.
The monster kept me there every night.

I realised the monster was not a monster.
The monster was my parents not wanting me to disturb them in their sleep.
From that day on I never left their side.
Noway they spend time without me
Noway they could get rid of me.
Noway I was to miss anything.

My parents still thinks life was good before I met the monster.


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